Monday, March 21, 2016

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” ...Albert Einstein

 “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”   ...Albert Einstein

I have been following the 'daily painting' movement for probably 3 years now and I have been inspired by so many artists. I think it is high time I gave this a go myself - so here we are - my first blog post!

A brief bio.
I have always been involved in some sort of creative field. I grew up in the UK and started out (as so many artists do) in graphic design. Finding after 3 years that I wanted to explore other disciplines in art, I embarked on 2 years at art college and a further 3 years gaining a degree - which somehow led me into teaching high school level design and technology.  I was soon made head of department at a secondary school and the job quickly became all enveloping - my time being more consumed by paperwork than with teaching.
So when my own children came along I decided it was time to leave the profession and focus on my family for while.
Still needing a creative outlet, while my children were young I started taking classes in ceramics (I had dabbled in it at art school).  I somehow fell into another career when I bought and installed a second-hand kiln at home and started running pottery painting parties, and painting and selling commission plates for weddings and special occasions.

In 2011 our family was presented with an opportunity to move to California. My husband was offered a job in the Bay Area, so I sold the kiln, we picked up sticks and moved to America. Once there I got involved in lots of artistic fund raising activities for a school charity, making many dozens of ceramic flowers for auction and helping out with school art projects.
We moved again about a year ago, this time to New York. Inspired by the fantastic art of many artists in the daily painting movement, I decided to just paint, post what I painted and record how I go.

I'm looking forward to this new creative challenge!

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