Friday, December 9, 2016

Gregarious Friends - The Traveling Chicken visits NYC

'Gregarious Friends '
11 x 14 inches
Oil on Gessobord

 Well what a week it has been! Last week some VIP's (Very Important Poultry) turned up at my door.

'The Traveling Chicken' is a project started in April 2012 by an artist called Azra Iqbal in the UK. She bought this tiny little yellow ceramic chicken and painted it in a still life. She then posted the chicken to her friend Karla Uphoff in the USA, who painted it and sent it to her friend Nan Johnson, who... (well you get the idea) and 'The Traveling Chicken' (or TC) was born! The little chick has travelled all around the world and her whole journey has been recorded on the Traveling Chicken blog. She met and gathered new friends along the way including Senor Gallo Azul the rooster, her regular companion.

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Her entire journey can be found here:

I put my name on the list to paint the chick back at the beginning of the year and it was my turn to paint her sooner than expected.

I'll be honest and say from the minute I signed up a year ago, I knew that my blue Jersey cow was going to have to feature. My kids insisted that the Friesian cow had to play a role too.

My husband, when he saw the finished painting thought I was going through my 'surreal phase'. Now that he's read the blog, I think he gets it.

The other amazing thing is that Nan Johnson, one of the original painters of the chick and the artist who kept the blog going for 2 years decided to sell her painting this week, so I bought it! We got in contact and talked about all things art and traveling chickens. So cool!

I also got to chat a bit with Pandalana Williams, another artist and current admin of the blog. Since TC is looking a bit world weary (a bit of a crack is appearing), we both are trying to come up with a way to keep her going. In the meantime, she's still good and up for adventure.

All the paintings of the chickens:

This painting is not currently for sale