Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hill to the Lighthouse

Since completing the 31 day challenge, my head wants to go in at least three directions at once.
I'm not sure whether I should tackle them one at a time, or all three simultaneously.

I get very inspired by art I see, read about and by artist interviews I listen to.
A lot of semi-abstract floral art has caught my eye lately.
I'm also hugely inspired to tackle some landscapes - sea scenes, clouds, open landscapes and scenes with strong value contrasts.
I also have a lot of reference material from last summer I want to take another look at - scenes from Italy, France and from Monhegan Island, Maine.

This is a landscape I painted today.
This is actually from a really fuzzy photo that was taken on one of my pre-dawn walks up to Monhegan lighthouse, so the sun hadn't quite made an appearance yet.

Initially I painted the roof much darker but I didn't feel it helped with the appearance of distance, so I lightened it slightly and I think it's much better now. I could probably have gone a touch lighter with the lighthouse as well. I might live with it for a few days to see how I feel about that. 

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