Friday, September 16, 2016

Avocado Fiesta

I thought I would try something a little more dramatic by pairing up these complimentary colours; green and red (it's an orangey sort of red). I admit I wasn't sure about the combination at first until it occurred to me that the colours reminded me of driving through Mexico last Spring; hence the title 'Avocado Fiesta', since the word is Latin meaning 'feast'.
I think the painting turned out quite graphic in style. Almost like a textile.

This might be my last entry for a while as I am going on a plein air painting course tomorrow with Leslie Saeta in Cape Cod! I'm very excited about the course, but I think I may have to concede defeat with the 30 in 30 challenge.
Although I will definitely be painting every day, I'm not sure I will have time to post to the 30 in 30 blog. Also I have a ton to do today to pack and get ready, so I will have to see how I go.

This is my contribution to day 15 of the September '30 paintings in 30 days challenge'.
The next challenge is in January I think.

(6 x 6 inches)
15 x 15cm
Oil on Gessobord

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