Monday, September 19, 2016

Cape Cod workshop day 2

This is from Day 2 of Leslie Saeta's workshop on palette painting. I didn't quite give myself enough time to finish it, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Painting with a palette knife is an entirely different technique than I'm used to. I don't think that I will switch entirely over to a knife but I will definitely use one again to some extent.
I love the fine, straight lines you get with the knife and the way you can apply great swathes of colour quickly and effectively and get all these interesting effects. Some of those blues I practically threw on in a way I'd never do with a brush.

Apart from use of a palette knife, the other thing I learned from Leslie is use of her very limited palette. Leslie uses just white, cad yellow, ultramarine, pthalo green, sap green and alizarin crimson. Not that I haven't used a limited palette before, but the interesting thing is the use of almost all transparent colours, so you end up with a very lively and bright painting... no muddying of colours!
Hmm definitely taking something away from that.
The great thing about taking workshops with different artists is that you take some new nuggets of information away from each one that you can apply to your own work. Love it.

It's been such a fun 2 days in Cape Cod and I wish I could stay the whole 3 days but tomorrow I can only stay for the morning as I'm heading back to New see...ADELE at Madison Square Garden!!!

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