Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cape Cod workshop day 1

Today was the first day of a three day workshop in Cape Cod with artist Leslie Saeta, and these paintings are what I produced. They are all painted entirely with just a palette knife and oil paints.
The apple was my first painting. It was a real learning curve. I thought my painting was awful at first, but when I looked at it again at the end of the day I thought... actually that's quite good for a first attempt!

After the apple I painted the flower and got into my stride a bit as I understood what you were supposed to do with the knife.
Painting the lid of the starbucks cup was the most difficult. Straight knives don't lend themselves easily to curves!

All in all I'm quite pleased. Using a palette knife is entirely different from using a brush. It's good to have another string to your bow. Also using the knife helps you loosen up - you definitely cannot fiddle the same way you can with a brush.

I'm not posting these to the 30 day challenge, mainly because I'm on my laptop and have no idea how to do it!

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