Monday, September 5, 2016


(6 x 6 inches)
15 x 15cm
Oil on Gessobord

Let's just say not my finest hour.
Were it not for the 30 in 30 challenge I wouldn't be posting this one. I almost wiped it and started again but today I don't have time for that so I'm posting it anyway and writing up what I learned from painting it.

I took what I thought was short cut by mixing the colours from mid- value paints - Cerulean blue and permanent light green.
Usually when there are a lot of lights and darks I would use darker colours as a starting point and lighten them. When you start with mid value colours you then have to introduce a third color to darken - in this case I used ultramarine and burnt umber, thus making purer colours greyer than they should be.

Also I think the lighting was wrong to begin with. I lit the cups from behind / left. I think they should have been lit from the front.
This one was a learning curve definitely.

(Day 4 of the 30 painting in 30 days Challenge)

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