Sunday, January 28, 2018

Leaning Pears

 Daily Painting Challenge - Day 28

I didn't have a lot of time today - I didn't get started until the afternoon, so I needed a simple shape to paint - these pears seemed ideal.

It was also a great opportunity to paint in a looser style.
Throughout January I have really primarily been trying to get to grips with color:
 - how color is impacted by the structure of the object you are painting, its values and shadows.
For me personally, I sometimes feel the need to paint in a tighter style to really understand how those elements work together.

I have learned a lot about my color palette - I have adopted some new favourites and almost eliminated colors I used to use regularly (Cadmium yellow lemon and Phthalo blue).

With these pears since they already have a simple structure, I felt freer to paint more loosely. I'm very happy with the result.

Unfortunately by the time I got to photograph this, the light had gone so I'll try to get a better quality photograph tomorrow.

Image now updated to a better quality version. 

(8 x 8 inches)
20 x 20cm approx
Oil on Gessobord 

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