Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two Pears in Perspective

Daily Painting Challenge - Day 30

I'm not one for starting a painting with a colored ground, but since I'm experimenting, I thought I'd give it another go... and found it a slightly disconcerting experience!

The reason I don't usually use a ground is because I don't like the wet ground color interfering with the paint I'm laying down.
So I tried a pre-prepared ground that I let dry first and used a fast drying galkyd medium to get it to dry faster.
I went all-in with a bright magenta ground!

Here's the preparation stage.

Next the paint. And here's where it got weird. After laying down a couple of strokes of green paint, when I went back to my palette, everything looked luminous! I found it hard for my eyes to adjust to the bright magenta.

Eventually, my eyes adjusted and it worked okay.

This process forced me to lay down the paint a bit thicker than I usually would, and I think that's a good thing.

If you look at the three pear paintings together. there isn't a great difference except the one with the magenta ground has more of a 'glow' to it, slightly more abstract perhaps and slightly less naturalistic - I don't know.

Maybe that's a good thing though?

What do you think?

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