Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Three Huddled Pears

Daily Painting Challenge - Day 31!

The last in this series of pears. I used another of the boards I had pre-prepared with a magenta ground.
I tried to keep things loose - put down a brush stroke and leave it.
And I got used to painting on magenta. This forced me to used slightly thicker paint than I would normally.

...AND today is January 31st! I have painted every day for 31 consecutive days. And that's not counting the paintings that were too bad to post!

This challenge has just been great to get into a routine and make time to paint.

Things actually got easier, not harder as time went on, which I was surprised by.
I will still be painting everyday, but not posting every day.

New goals, things to work on  and new things to try in February:
Experiment more with palette knife
Try introducing some abstract elements
Work larger
Experiment with other surfaces (canvas / linen / cradled boards)
Experiment with other sizes (widths / landscape / portrait)

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